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Flagstone is one of the most popular stones utilized in home projects in Arizona, and specifically, Sedona, Arizona. Slabs of thick or thin stone can create pathways, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping beauty and so much more. We supply flagstone to projects around the world, from architectural structures to counters, hearths, mantel walls, cap stones, pool copings and custom cuts.

Flagstone is sold by the ton, and stone thicknesses will vary. 1.75 tons will fill a pallet, and if Red Rock Flooring Designs is shipping to you, please have a forklift available on-site. We ship nationwide and offer free quotes on our flagstone material. Pricing ranges from $165 to $345 per ton.

Connect with our team for more information on all of the Flagstone options Red Rock Flooring offers for your residential and commercial projects.


Pavers create a sense of home and structure to any landscaping project. Often used around plants, gardens, in driveways and a variety of other projects, Red Rock Flooring’s pavers come in a variety of colors and sizes to provide a solution for every need.