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The rustic elegance of solid hardwood floors

Nothing offers quite the elegance of solid hardwood floors. From their rustic timelessness to the many benefits they offer, they are perfect for so many areas of your home. What’s more, they add great value to your home as well, which is an investment that can pay off whether you choose to keep your home in the family or eventually sell it. These floors have never gone out of style, and continue to trend and flourish with each New Year. Continue reading to find out how they can be of benefit to you and your home as well.

At Red Rock Flooring Designs, our specialty is high-end flooring materials and the services that can turn your home into an oasis. We’ve been making dreams come true for the communities of Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde, Flagstaff, Coconino, and Yavapai, and we’d love to work with you on your own flooring dream as well. We invite you to visit us at your convenience at our Sedona, AZ showroom, where our flooring specialists will be standing by to assist and answer any questions you might have about our many flooring coverings.

Hardwood floors and your specific needs

If you’re looking for an aesthetic step up from the flooring you’ve been used to, hardwood is certainly a step in the right direction. Solid wood is one of the most popular materials among homeowners who truly want the best for their homes. With excessive durability and phenomenal lifespan, you’ll likely never have to shop for flooring again. This offers a great deal of peace of mind for most any homeowner and is definitely worth a few extra moments of your time.

It’s important to note early on that solid hardwood flooring is never an option for below grade spaces. If you have such a room with a need for flooring, you should consult your flooring specialist concerning engineered wood flooring. This excellent solid wood alternative is still real wood flooring, however, it does not react with moisture, humidity, and temperature changes in the same was the solid variety does. You can even have engineered flooring refinished at least once before replacing it, which offers excellent added lifespan.

Durability is an important feature of these floors, and much of that is determined in selecting the appropriate species. Since these are rated from soft to very hard, you should carefully consider the average activity levels in your home on a daily basis so you can choose the appropriate species.

Creating hardwood floors you will love

Hardwood floors are still incredibly popular among homeowners today, and for many different reasons. They are not only a timeless classic that seems to never go out of style, but they have a life span that is so impressive, it could be the last floor you ever have installed in your home. Imagine not only having a home to pass on to your children someday, but passing along the flooring as well. That’s not something you can do with just any old floor covering.

Hardwood floors have plenty of benefits

The look of solid hardwood floors is probably the first thing that draws people to this particular floor covering. There is nothing quite like it. But a lot of planning and options go into that finished look, each one carrying specific importance to your overall floor performance.

Choosing the wood species is your first option. There are a great many to choose from, both domestic as well as exotic. The differences between species can be great, and one will be better for the needs of your home than others will, so choose wisely. Your flooring professional will be happy to help. Make sure to let them know about important facts such as traffic levels, pets, and whether or not there is a high risk of spills on a regular basis.
The finish you choose also has a lot to do with the overall look of your floor. For instance, the sleek, shiny, waxed finish is the one most homeowners think of when considering hardwood floors. It’s the most common type. However, you can also choose from vintage, distressed and hand scraped finishes as well. These are much less likely to show scratches and scuffs, and are preferable when you have children or pets in the home, or if you have heavy foot traffic. This can also help to delay having your floors refinished for a few extra years.

Red Rock Flooring offers a vast section of wood species, colors, grades, strip widths and finishes to make your spaces feel completely you and completely unique. Hardwood offers traditional beauty for today’s natural style, offering affordable luxury for any home or space.

Hardwood floors have plenty of benefits

Bamboo flooring panels and veneer are not only environmentally friendly, but they also offer a unique design element. This product is suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Due to being so durable and long lasting, this high quality material ensures customer satisfaction.

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